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(/a/boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai)

A fantastic comedy with absolutely shitstain characters, but that's what makes it funny.

The ending was a little lacklustre but every episode is great fun to watch.

(/a/kimi no na wa.)

Beautiful visuals and animation. Definitely worth a watch.


The plot may have slight issues (why don't they know they time travelled?etc etc) but it does not hamper on the quality of the end product in the slightest.


(/a/higashi no eden)

Notice: This review covers both the series and the two movie sequels. They have the same story continuity and the producers simply didn’t want to make this a single full season series.

PRODUCTION VALUES The animation is done by Production

(/a/deadman wonderland)

PROPER MINDSET Recipe: Take a third of Battle Royale, a third of Prison Break, and a third of Akira. Stir them in a bawl until the flavor is all gone and add lots of bad storytelling around the plate it is served upon. The result is Deadman Wond


NOTICE: This review covers both seasons.


A few years before the Big Three became a thing, Inu Yasha was the show everybody was raving about. Even I was in love with it, during the initial episodes. The sheer amount of