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(/a/hikaru no go)

okay first of all, ThatAnimeSnob best write an actual review by scratch instead of copying and pasting someone else's review they typed with there hands. Although plagiarism is not a crime or civil offense, plagiarism is illegal if the author has a t

(/a/kimi no na wa.)

Beautiful visuals and animation. Definitely worth a watch.


The plot may have slight issues (why don't they know they time travelled?etc etc) but it does not hamper on the quality of the end product in the slightest.


(/a/higashi no eden)

Notice: This review covers both the series and the two movie sequels. They have the same story continuity and the producers simply didn’t want to make this a single full season series.

PRODUCTION VALUES The animation is done by Production

(/a/deadman wonderland)

PROPER MINDSET Recipe: Take a third of Battle Royale, a third of Prison Break, and a third of Akira. Stir them in a bawl until the flavor is all gone and add lots of bad storytelling around the plate it is served upon. The result is Deadman Wond


NOTICE: This review covers both seasons.


A few years before the Big Three became a thing, Inu Yasha was the show everybody was raving about. Even I was in love with it, during the initial episodes. The sheer amount of